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Northern GIS is an innovative company that provides a full range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, training, project management and development tools. Specializing in detailed GIS training, mapping, land claims and data collection and providing a professional team experienced in project management, business retention and expansion, event and strategic planning. Northern GIS’s professionals provide a wide range of regional, community and organizational development services. We work with our clients to address, research and prioritize their needs and offer efficient and effective solutions keeping in mind human and financial resources, the importance of traditional knowledge, historical and cultural preservation and priority needs of the client. Northern GIS is confidential, respectful and reliable. Contact Northern GIS today or visit our site to see how Northern GIS can assist you.

NORTHERNGIS SERVICES GIS Training, GPS Data Collection, Traditional Knowledge Data Collection, Community Infrastructure Database Creation, Land Claim Analysis & Mapping, Custom Mapping Solutions, Historical Information Gathering, Capitol Planning, Project Proposal Writing and Project Management, Business Retention and Expansion BR+E, Residential and Land Use Planning, Major Industrial Planning, Research Based Strategic Planning and Traditional Strategic Planning, Action Planning and Event Planning

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